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Delta stone confidently offers customers premium quality countertops and excellent customers service. Our company is established with a mission of bringing unique designs with premium quality countertops that inspire our customers.

Delta stone countertops are engineered using natural raw quartz minerals that are even stronger then most metals which makes these countertops very durable.

Delta Stone countertops are an excellent example of craftmanship and creativity, where raw quartz which is a sand like material is given life using true engineering. Our engineered countertops are durable, harder & stronger then any natural stone like granite & marble. Our slabs are non porous so they are more hygienic and easy to maintain then granite and marble stone.

About our quartz

Delta Stone is made of approximately 93 percent of quartz and 7 percent is epoxy resin which is required to hold the quartz together. With impeccable purity and durability (Mohs 6.5-7 grade), our Quartz is scratch and stain-proof.

It is maintenance-free and highly hygiene because of its bacteriostatic quality and combination of volatile organic compound.

Therefore it is recommended for both public and private use it is highly versatile in varied building environments. We provide wide range of available color and textures that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

About our granite

We import premium quality granite from all over the world such as Brazil, Portugal, India, China, Europe, South America and many more. We provide our customers hundreds of colors at very competitive prices.